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Contact Information

CEO- Noam Semel

Assistant to CEO- Ron Ben Gida

phone: 03-5266625

[email protected]

Artistic Director – Moshe Kepten

Assistant to Artistic Director – Mor Ehrlich Amsalem

Phone: 03-526-6660

[email protected]

Ifat Tubi

Head Of International Relations & Resource Development


[email protected]

Ron Granot Communications

Phone: 03-6765226

[email protected]

Einat Pinchas- Sales Manager

Phone: 03-5266725

[email protected]

Anat Nathan- Assistant Sales Manager

Phone: 03-5266608

[email protected]

Vicki Eldad- Groups

Phone: 03-5266712

Ilan Wolstein – Head of Department

Phone: 03-5266729

Fax: 03-5266679

[email protected]

Rami Semo – Director of the Habima Archive Museum

Phone: 03-5266720

[email protected]

Hani Zeligson

Founder and curator of the archive

Founder and editor of the archive website

Avi Kalma – Head of Department

Mobile: 053-5292062

Phone: 03-52666717

[email protected]

Shlomit Leshem

טלפון: 03-5266744

[email protected]

Yossi Elka

Phone: 052-5527243

Fax: 03-5266677

[email protected]

Phone: 03-5266666

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