Education Department

Education Department

The “Habima” National maintains warm and courageous connections with hundreds of schools, principals, educators and education coordinators.

At a time when the Coronavirus is still with us, with the theatre still forced to cancel its diverse activities, we are working hard to bring back the unique programs, as a means of enrichment and completion for watching the theatre’s diverse performances.

We invite you and your students to visit the Habima National Theatre and enjoy a diverse and rich repertoire. We’d be happy to be at your disposal, and advise planning of the culture experience for the coming year.



For more information, please contact

The director of the department:
Avi Kalma

Assistant to the education department:
Lahad Hadad

Theatre Oriented Youth

The prestigious series of sessions is back!
From January 2022

If you are 13-17 years old and love theatre, it is time to take your love one step further and join the “Youth Oriented Theatre” group, at Habima National Theatre.

The program consists of five sessions.

Session 1
Behind the Scenes Tour:
What’s hiding behind the scenes of the theatre?
Habima’sTheatre actor will accompany you to the magical world located in the four Habima halls: on stage and behind the scenes. In addition, you’ll be exposed to the various theattedepartments , including: the costume department, the propr department and the archive museum.

The tour will include fascinating stories and anecdotes, intertwined with the history of the Habima Theatre since its inception.

Watching the production of  “Hamlet 2021“. A surprising, innovative and unique interpretation by Maor Zaguri of William Shakespeare’s play. The show lasts about two hours. At the end of the play, a conversation with the  director, Maor Zaguri, for about 2 hours.

Session 2
“Behind the Scenes of Habima History
A series of four fascinating lectures about the history of the Habima National Theatre. The series will be hosted by Remi Semo, head of the Archive Museum, and will include  screenings of rare videos.
First lecture: All beginnings are Difficult….
How to establish a Hebrew language theatre? The story of Hebrew teacher Nahum Tzemach, his vision and the hardships he went through until the Habima Theatre was founded.
• Watching the play “Lost Relatives” – a play by the late Nava Semel for about an hour and a half. At the end of the play, the young director Ilil Semel, the playwright’s daughter.

Session 3
Second Lecture: Habima’s “The Dybbuk”
What made “The Dybbuk” performance atf Habima Theatre a milestone in the history of Hebrew and Israeli theatre.

Watching the play “Mr. Mayor” – an original Israeli comedy by Guy Meroz.
The play’s is of 90 min.
Following the play, a conversation with the playwright Guy Meroz.

Session 4
Third Lecture: “Star” or “Talent”?
The story of Habima Theatre actors who became stars overnight, including Hannah Rovina, Aharon Meskin, Yehoshua Bertonov, Shimon Finkel, Miryam Zohar, Lia Koenig, Gila Almagor Agmon and many others.
• Watching the play “The One My Soul Loves” – a new Israeli play by Itai Segal, inspired by the Bar Noar affair.
The show is of 110 min..
At the end of the play, a conversation with the director of the play and Habima’s artistic director, Moshe Kepten.

Session 5
Fourth lecture: “Habima” – The Musical
Since the 1920s, the Habima Theatre has integrated original songs into its plays. Later on musicals and musical plays – translated and original – were staged. The last session of  the series, will deal with the way in which musical plays have become a central and beloved genre in the repertory theatre in general and in the Habima Theatre in particular.
• Watching the spectacular and successful musical “Mamma Mia,” accompanied by the Abba band’s hits.
The play’s duration is about two hours.
At the end of the play, there will be a concluding conversation with Shlomit Leshemthe head of the Youth program.

Cost for the Series – NIS 850.

For more details and registration please contact

Shlomit Leshem

  • The meetings will take place once a month at 16:30. The first meeting will take place in January 2022.
    • Performances may change, subject to the schedule and new performances.
    For more details, you can contact Shlomit Leshem, the director of the Education Department, Tel. 03-5266744, [email protected]


    Behind the Scenes:

    Discover the world behind the scenes at the Habima National Theatre.
    Come learn about the history of the Theatre from its earliest days in Russia until its arrival in Israel, , its great veteran actors, the theatre’s milestones, through a behind-the-scenes tour of the four halls, costume and props rooms, all intertwined with wonderful stories and descriptions of art and culture.
    The Habima actors will lead you behind the scenes of the new Habima building, with its four halls, and will reveal the world and secrets of the great actors in Habima’s 103 years.

    No tour is like the one before it!

    The Habima National Theatre building of theatre is a live and bustling, producing over 12 new productions each year.
    Rehearsals, props, costumes, wigs and backdrops, all happens in this magical building, and that’s why, no tour is like the one before it.

    Come experience what’s going on behind the scenes at the National Theatre today.
    The tour lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.
    A limited number of participants may participate in each tour.
    Meeting point: Near the customer service at the building’s lobby.
    Please note: Changes may be made subject to Theatre activities.
    To booking: 03-5266717

    Hanna Rovina Pavilion:

    Located at the gallery of the Hanna Rovina Hall, named after the first lady of the National Theatre and Israel Prize recipient actress Hannah Rovina, is the exhibition of “100 years of Habima.”

    The exhibition sheds light on 100 years of significant theatrical activity beginning in 1918, in which dramatic upheavals and events took place in Israel and around the world.

    Exhibits exciting objects, documents and items donated by the families of the actors and creators, from the Habima Archive Museum and from the props department and from the costume warehouse. Some are being presented to the general public for the first time.

    In her will, Rovina asked to bequeath to the Habima Theatre the contents of her apartment at 36 Gordon Street in Tel Aviv. Indeed, next to her makeup room, steeped in memories, imprinted with her personality, we get another exciting glimpse into her guest room as well.

    The 100 Years exhibit and Rovina Pavilion are open and free of charge to the public from the morning.

    Visit the Habima Archive Museum:

    Historical items collected during the National Theatre’s first 103 years – in one place!

    Opening hours:
    Monday 08:00 – 12:00
    Tuesday 08:00 – 14:00
    Thursday 13:00 – 18:00

    Visit the archive by prior appointment 03-5266720

    [email protected]


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