The Habima's Friends Association

The Habima’s Friends Association

The Habima’s Friends Association

The Habima National Theatre Friends Association supports special projects and is an active partner in the theatre’s cultural and social activities.

Here at the Friends of Habima Association we are proud to be a part of a present that never stops renewing itself, both in body – renovating the theatre’s building – and in soul – fostering and enhancing the theatre’s artistic language and body of work.

The aim of the Friends of the Habima National Theatre Association is to cultivate the theatrical arts and enable young audiences in both Israel’s center and its periphery to learn and directly experience the magic of theatre. The Friends Association also recognizes the importance of dialogue with other countries around the world. To this end, it helps the theater with tours abroad as a member of the Union des Théâtres de l’Europe (UTE), gaining exposure for Israeli works in many theaters around the world and enabling fertile discourse with creators from abroad to thrive.

We are partners in celebrating the Habima National Theater’s artistic, social, and cultural achievements – achievements that reflect the character of Tel Aviv and the history of the State of Israel, whose artistic and spiritual wealth is an inseparable part of its existence.

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Phones for information- 03-5266628, 03-6912741

Friends of the Habima National Theatre Association. Head of the Friends of the Habima National Theatre Association: Adv. Zippi Rubin

Board members:

  • Zippi Rubin, Chairwoman
  • Ricky Rosenberg
  • Liora Landau
  • Nava Ravid
  • Gal Ehrlich
  • Yael Rav-Hon
  • Orly Ravitz
  • Ofra Meitar
  • Ahituv Orinovsky Arza
  • Legal Advisor: Adv. Ehud Katznelson, Gornitzky & Co. Law Office
  • Internal Auditor: CPA Oren Miron
  • CPA of the association: CPA Yitzhak Singer
  • Founder and Honorary President: Goldenberg Ora
  • Secretary General: Cohen Pauline

Friends of the Habima National Theatre:

  • Bruria Avidan-Barir & Dr. Abraham Barir
  • Ronit and Reuven Adler
  • Igal Ahouvi
  • Or Theodor
  • Ahituv Orinovsky Arza
  • Yael and Rami Unger
  • Sarah Ilin
  • Eyal Orka
  • Sara Alaluf
  • Edna Arbel
  • Ita Elhanani
  • Edith Alcon
  • Ronit Elroy
  • Gal and Michelle Ehrlich
  • Mira and Giora Ehrlich
  • Zvika and Natalie Barenboim
  • Nurit Bukshpan
  • Naomi Blumenthal
  • Liora and Meir Bloom
  • Assi Bertfeld
  • Edna Gabrieli
  • Ora Goldenberg
  • Allen Gur
  • Eti Geller
  • Naomi Granot
  • Adi and Amir Graff
  • Rachel Gross
  • Gornitzky & Co. Law Office
  • Dreyfus Sons & Co Ltd, Banquiers
  • Yair and Ilana Hamburger
  • Dalia Horowitz
  • Ruthie Hauzman
  • Shalva Hessel
  • Hanan and Miriam Zoglowek
  • Rina and Yitzhak Zamir
  • Yossi Zarnitzky
  • Ronit Haimovich
  • Nitza Kanfer Hackmey
  • Arie and Pessia Hanan
  • Miri and Asi Tochmeier
  • Tayek Irona
  • Gideon Teller
  • Judith and Henry Tayek
  • Menachem and Naomi Yam Shachor
  • Zion Yahav
  • Eli and Ayala Cohen
  • Pini and Pninit Cohen
  • Carmel Shosh
  • Kfir Dita
  • Haya Lebental
  • Gita Levi
  • Rachel and David Levithan
  • Amnon and Malka Leon
  • Ora Levin-Sela
  • Avi Levin
  • David Libai
  • Liora Landau
  • Tzipi and Yigal Landau
  • Yossi and Galit Landesman
  • Diti and Alex Landsberg
  • Yuval and Mai Landesberg
  • Ruth and Gabi Lest
  • Dorit and Yoram Muszkat
  • Mimi Zimoses
  • Meisler Rozchi
  • Dalia and Moshe Mamrod
  • Sylvie Michaeli
  • Ofra Meitar
  • Mira and Ron Meitar
  • Dalia Melamed
  • Menorah Insurers
  • Engi and Uzi Netanel
  • Tova Segol and Sammy
  • Segol Isaac and Linda
  • Sides Danny
  • Ora and Eytan Stibbe
  • Simcha and Bat Ami Sadan
  • Ruthi Ofer
  • Liora Ofer
  • Dan and Rachel Ofer
  • Anat and Reuven Padani
  • Liora and Mickey Federmann
  • Aya and Zeev Feldman
  • Aviva Felber
  • Orna and Dr. Haim Perluk
  • Shlomit Frenkel
  • Tzipy and Ephraim Kunda
  • Mira Keinan
  • Nili Kariv
  • Yehudith Katzin
  • Tami and Yehuda Rave
  • Rita and Nachum Roitman
  • Yael Rav Hon
  • Nava and Avraham Ravid
  • Orly Ravitz
  • Hedva Reichs
  • Rani and Hila Rahav
  • Tzipi and Pinhas Rubin
  • Michal Rubinstein
  • Ricky Rosenberg
  • Ita Reis
  • Ami and Lizika Sagi
  • Raya Strauss Ben Dror
  • Bat Sheva Strauchler
  • Meir and Ruth Sheetrit
  • Atalia Shmeltzer
  • Ruthi Scherf
  • Tzipora and Reuven Schlissel
  • Ruthie and Shmuel Spiegler
  • Odelia and Ephraim Shpitalni
  • Shoshana and Jeshayahu Shaked
  • Haya Shaked
  • Daniella Shirizli
  • Ruth and Shlomo Sharon

Contributors to the “Name a Seat” campaign in Rovina Hall:

  • Ruth and Eliyahu Izakson
  • Dina Ettinger and Tamar Rudich
  • Ora and Amnon Goldenberg
  • Edna and Israel Gafni
  • The Phoenix Company
  • Dan Hotels Company and the Federman family
  • Gila and Ami Lapidot
  • The late Sarah Meir
  • Mifal HaPais
  • The Ofer family
  • Sam Saba
  • Doron Foundation (Switzerland)
  • Roma Rubinstein
  • Emmanuel Racine
  • Uzi Steinberg

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