An original Israeli drama Women's Minyan

A play by Naomi Ragen, bestselling author of Jephte's Daughter and Sotah.

This is the first play from Naomi Ragen, author of bestsellers Jephte's Daughter and Sotah.
Women's Minyan is bestselling Orthodox Jewish author Naomi Ragen’s first play, based on a real case brought before the High Court of Justice.

It is the story of Chana Kashman, wife of a respected ultra-Orthodox rabbi from Mea Shearim and mother of twelve children, who leaves her home and finds herself involuntarily cut off from her children and trapped by social forces she cannot resist. Rumor has it she is promiscuous and perverted, and that she ran away to be with another woman.
Her husband divorces her and prevents her from having any contact with her children.
Through her heroine’s story, Regan shines light on life in the ultra-Orthodox community and the contempt with which she feels the community treats women.
She reveals what is hidden behind the so-called family idyll and the world of religious righteousness, cover-ups, and refusal to recognize injustices toward women.

In collaboration with the Beer-Sheva Theater.
The prologues to the first and second act were created by director Noya Lantzet for Women's Minyan, which premiered at Habima in 2002.

Show Duration 90 Minutes without a break

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