A wild detective comedy.

Prosper and Hani are preparing for another peaceful evening of Sudoku and Netflix at their home in the sleepy town of Kiryat Motzkin, when an enigmatic young woman, a hurricane named Naomi, sweeps them into a wild night of theft, passion, mystery, and murder.
Over the course of the night, they'll encounter a variety of suspicious and quirky characters: the dedicated Professor Avishai Keinan, the handsome and foolish hummus guy Eliran, and their neighbor Adina, who, despite her advanced age, is still very much alive and kicking.
Prosper and Hani will need to figure out who's who, who's against who, why, who is Shustermann, and most importantly – who murdered him?
When dawn breaks, Kiryat Motzkin will no longer be the same...

Show Duration 75 Minutes without a break

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