Social comedy Perfect Strangers

“Everyone has a public life, a private life, and a secret life.” -Gabriel García Márquez

At a dinner party with a group of long-time friends, the hostess suggests a friendly game:
everyone must place their cellphone on the table and agree to show any message or phone
call they receive to everyone else. The texts and calls begin arriving, and things start
getting complicated: lies, betrayals, and secrets, exposing what everyone is trying to hide. A
play based on the successful, critically acclaimed film from Italian director Paolo Genovese,
which exposes the danger hidden in the obligatory technological progress that we live every

Show Duration 90 Minutes without a break

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Nano Shabtai, Haaretz:

"Perfect Strangers will speak to everyone in the audience – each with their secret world"

David Rosenthal, Walla!:

"In Perfect Strangers, HaBima has made an outstanding choice in terms of both intention and execution. The adaptation, directing, and acting, the clever lighting, and the musical editing, come together to form a disturbing and extraordinary theatrical experience that provides plenty of food for thought… Hits the bullseye… A wonderful play"

Irmi Amir, Megafon:

"Perfect Strangers at HaBima: secrets, lies, and first-rate entertainmen"

Alice Blitental, TheMarker Café:

"This production from Habima National Theater is outfitted with surprising, original set design by Shani Tur, charming, authentic costume design by Noa Dotan, pleasant musical editing by Miri Lazar, and lighting by the veteran Meir Alon. But the biggest hat tip of all goes to Natan Datner for his smooth, fluent directing, which hits all the right spots. Comedy as only the Italians know how to make it"

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