Late Marriage

A captivating stage adaptation for the critically acclaimed film by Dover Kosashvili

Zaza should have been married by now.
He is a 31-year-old bachelor, and Georgian tradition dictates that he must choose a young and beautiful virgin from a good family, preferably rich, within the Georgain community.
But Zaza doesn't want to get married, at least not with the prospective brides his anxious parents try to arrange for him, because he is secretly in love
a 34-year-old divorcée.
Will Zaza choose the love of his life or respect the strict confines of family and tradition?
Late Marriage s a deeply moving portrayal of the battle between societal expectations and true desires.
The film won ten Ophir Awards and is considered one of the most successful Israeli films of all time.

From age 13 and up

A co-production of Habima National Theater and the Beer Sheva Theater

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