His Friend at Court

The play tells the story of Zvi Prutchkin, an idealistic new immigrant, who quickly learns that he will be unable to get a job unless he becomes an insider.

A note written by Prutchkin’s neighbor, Itamar Levanon—who is penniless but has an impressive-sounding name—does the trick and wins unqualified Zvi the manager’s position at a government office.
The office tea lady is the only one who senses the truth.
She helps the new immigrant, cleverly guiding him in his absurd task of running his office.

In Zvi's inevitable downfall, Kishon sets a sharp and piercing mirror to the flaws he discovered in the Israeli management system and society, describing Israel’s bureaucratic apparatus down to its smallest details.

This play is a true work of satire on society and remains more relevant than ever

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