This is a moving love story set in Nazi Germany Bent

The award-winning play

Written by Martin Sherman in 1979, the critically acclaimed play enjoyed international success, had several runs in London, and was performed in Israel as well.

Max and Rudy are a couple living a decadent lifestyle in pre-war Berlin, enjoying the nightlife and hedonistic parties: cocaine, orgies, and drag shows. Max’s persecution begins in Berlin on the Night of the Long Knives – a purge of top-ranking Nazi officers, some of whom were slaughtered due to their sexual orientation.
Max is caught and sent to a concentration camp, where gay prisoners wear the pink triangle and have a status inferior even to Jewish prisoners.
Max disguises himself as a Jew and wears the yellow star, hoping that his sexual orientation will not be revealed.
Within the daily oppression of the concentration camp, Max meets Horst, a fellow prisoner to whom he confesses his true identity. Soon a forbidden love develops between them.

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