A new musical play Believe the Day Will Come

From the beginning of her career as a star in Tel Aviv's coffee houses and nightclubs to her final days in the hospital, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the singer Yafa Yarkoni experienced turmoils both in her personal and professional life. At the heart of the story lies the great drama of her life.

An interview on 'Galatz', where she criticized the actions of IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip during the second Intifada, turned her into an enemy of the people.
Thus, the one dubbed the ‘songstress of the wars,’ due to her frequent performances, in wartime and in peace, for the army soldiers she held so dear, was accused of betrayal in her homeland and even threatened with murder.
Surprisingly, the artistic community turned its back on her, and she was forced to return the 'Israel Prize' that she had been awarded for her long years of work.
The play also delves into the complex relationship with her second husband, who refused to mention the name of her first love, whom she lost when he fell as a soldier in the 'Jewish Brigade' shortly before their marriage.
Yafa Yarkoni was a true fighter on all fronts, both familial and national.
Her life story is a biography and a lesson not only about the Israeli culture of the early state but also about the reality of our lives.

The program of the show will use songbook covers.
We respect the rights of the copyright holders and have invested efforts in locating them in order to use them. As long as the owners of the rights are not located, the use will be made in accordance with Section 27A of the Copyright Law 2007-2007. When the plan is published, the owners of the rights are invited to contact via e-mail the address: [email protected], with a request for credit or to stop using In creation. Thank you!

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