A new musical play Believe the Day Will Come

From the beginning of her career as a star in Tel Aviv's coffee houses and nightclubs to her final days in the hospital, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the singer Yafa Yarkoni experienced turmoils both in her personal and professional life.

At the heart of the play lies the extraordinary life story of the woman dubbed 'the songstress of wars,' thanks to her frequent performances, in wartime and in peace, for the army soldiers she held so dear.
From her early days on stage as a dancer, her first love, the separation from her mother, her second marriage, following her husband to New York, and her longing for Israel.
In 2002, after a flourishing career spanning decades and immense contribution to Israeli culture, her health began to decline, showing initial signs of Alzheimer's. She granted a celebratory interview to Galatz, where she criticized the army's conduct in the Gaza Strip.

Surprisingly, the artistic community turned its back on her, and she was forced to return the 'Israel Prize' that she had been awarded for her long years of work.

The play also delves the gap between the public image and the private life of one of the pillars of Israeli music. She struggled to maintain the stability of her marriage, pursue her public career, and a peaceful home – both in her country and within her own household.

Yafa Yarkoni was a true fighter on all fronts, both familial and national.

The play woven with her greatest hits, and the performance as a whole is a tribute to Israeli culture in general and to Yafa Yarkoni's contribution to Israeli music in particular.

.The show Believe the Day Will Come was produced with the kind support of Dita and Alex Landsberg

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