A musical play Masada 1942

The story of a Jewish theater troupe in the Warsaw Ghetto

It is 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto.
The Nazis have demanded that the ghetto’s Jewish theater troupe continue performing for the Jews in the ghetto. These are the final days before the ghetto is to be liquidated, the fate of the ghetto’s Jewish community lies in transports heading to the concentration camps.
Joseph, the troupe’s leader, decides to write a new play telling the story of the Jews of Masada, who barricaded themselves in their fortress and fought the Romans to their last breath. On the eve of the play's premiere, a Nazi officer instructs Joseph to reassure the play's audience and promise them that the deportation planned for the following morning will take them to comfortable camps where they can live happily.
The troupe's leader and its members now face a moral question concerning their own lives and the lives of tens of thousands of other Jews in the ghetto.

Writer of the song “When You Grow Up”: Noam Horev

The production contains double casting

Show Duration 135 Minutes Including a break

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