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A Railway to Damascus

On the background of Mandatory Palestine lies a complex tale, in which a story of betrayal, a story of forbidden love and the battle of the Jewish Underground are tangled one to the other.

Haifa, 1942: The German Army approaches Israel, the tension between Jews and Arabs increases, the British Army prepares for retreat… In the midst of those anxious days, Sarah, the play’s hero, continues to thread a dream of a better world, while fighting for the survival of herself and of her loved ones.

“Road to Damascus” is a thrilling play dealing with the desperate longing for love and understanding, at the peak of one of Israel’s most uneasy times.

By Hillel Mitelpunkt

Director: Ilan Ronen

Set and Costume Designer: Ruth Dar

Music: Ori Vidislavski

Lighting Designer: Micha Margalit

Video Designer: Arik Avigdor

Speech (English): Herzl Tobey

Speech (Hebrew): Asi Eshed

Research: Rami Semo

The Cast

Sarah: Jenya Dodina

Shlomi – Sarah’s Brother: Tomer Ben-David

Nini: Hila Feldman

Fathi: Gasan Abbas

Jalal – Fathi’s Son: Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid

John – a British Officer: Ishai Golan

Arch – a British Officer: Roy Miller

Kaplan: Eli Danker

Dalia: Daria Alufi / Adi Bar-Lev

Two Lehi Officers: Roy Miller, Shahar Raz

A Waiter: Shahar Raz

Production Manager: Lior Almagor

Assistant Director: Michal Isaak

Assistant Designer: Er’el Dar

Thanks: Tzvika Piksel,


"A Railway to Damascus" may be the best show I've seen in recent years.

An uncontrollable sense of chill and moisture in the eye. It's called Excitement


(Yediot Tel Aviv)




"Yivgenya Dodina builds an impressive and genuine role. Her most beautiful performance in years…. A powerful theatrical experience"


 (Idf Radio)



"Hillel Mittelpunkt's most complex and exciting achievement as a playwright"  


(Habama, website)





"The show belongs to the wonderful Yivgenia Dodina. Director Ilan Ronen, designer Ruth Dar and musician Uri Vidislavski did a beautiful work."


(Yediot Aharonot)  


"A railway into the heart, four days after the show I can't stop thinking about it…"

(Israel Today)


"Dodina has never given a more towering performance. She brands her Sara into the play – every passionate cell of her."


(The Jerusalem Post)